In January 2019, the Party Politburo issued Resolution No. 45 - NQ / TW on the construction and development of HaiPhong city by 2030, with a vision to 2045.

The main objective of Resolution 45-NQ/ TW is to build and develop Hai Phong to become a leading city in industrialization and modernization; the driving force of the Northern region and the whole country having modern, smart, sustainable industrial development, integrated, modern transport structure, with domestic and international connections by both road, rail, sea and air and key services of logics, International center for education, training, research, and science and technology development; The marine economy, the material life and spirit of the people are constantly being upgraded to be on par with big cities in Asia.

Promoting  the   strength   of   both the political system and the whole society, especially the determination, innovativity and boldness in direction    and    administration of leadership of the City Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee, Hai Phong has  focused   huge   resources   on developing infrastructure, especially infrastructure, urban infrastructure,  industrial infrastructure, considering these as both a goal and an important driving force for distribution of socio-economic development.

Many traffic works in the city have a regional linkage that has been completed and being implemented    such    as   Hanoi- Hai  Phong  Expressway,  Cat Bi  International  Airport,   Tan Vu - Lach Huyen, the city has expanded and upgraded the National Highway 10, Bach Dang Bridge;   started   construction   of a coastal road, expanded Cat Bi International Airport Station, phase 2... and many internal traffic works in the city... Seaport infrastructure, one of the strengths of Hai Phong is also invested in line with the trend of regional and international maritime transport development, helping transport and maritime services and logistics industry to grow. The highlight is the establishment of Hai Phong international gateway port with  an important role in Vietnam's seaport system, contributing to  the export and import  of  goods of the Northern region as well as the whole country directly to the European and American markets, without transhipping Singapore and Hong Kong ports. Hai Phong international gateway port has welcomed ships of over 1000.

The city's urban infrastructures have been upgraded and invested strongly; Accordingly, a series of works have been paid attention to, and been renovated such as Project to renovate the campus of Viet Tiep Cultural Friendship Labor Palace; Tam Bac Park project phase 2; Project on renovation and embellishment of Tam Bac river from Lac Long bridge to Tam Bac park; adjusting the gardening strip in Dragon Sea Park area, etc. Besides giving priority to the progress of the 5-star hotel (Hilton, Nikko, Pulman, Flamingo Cat Ba, Mgallery Cat Ba), the city has been to step by step completed thereconstruction of old apartments, basically completed a number of civilized, modern and synchronous new urban centers: Vinhomes Imperia and Agape and is building urban centers in the Northern Cam River and along the Lach Tray river, Vu Yen island area.

In order to  promptly  upgrade  industrial infrastructure, create favorable mechanisms for domestic and foreign investors, the city is continuing to quickly implement site clearance compensation  and develop some industrial parks. Businesses have come into operation such as Deep C, VSIP. An Duong, etc ...; speeding up investment in infrastructure construction of Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone, industrial zones and clusters in the city have been approved.

The administrative reforms associated with improving the businessinvestmentenvironment has been paid due attention by the city. The city is also developing a Plan to determine the key tasks in the annual administrative reform in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of management and   administration    activities of the various level authorities; continues to strengthen discipline, reviews and organizes the apparatus of administrative agencies  of  the  state  and public non-business units to ensure streamlined, effectively speeding up the implementation of electronic government construction, aiming to build "smart" city. Administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of administrative levels have been published relatively, promptly, in accordance with regulations. The city's investment and business environment has improved markedly, continuously attracting domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in socio- economic sectors especially by the large domestic corporations like Vingroup. , Himlam, Sungroup, FLC Group, Geleximco Group, Lavifood  Joint  Stock  Company ... The total social investment capital in the first 6 months of 2019 is estimated at VND 70,637.5 billion, up 6.82% over the same period, equal to 65.25 % of the plan for 2019. The attraction of foreign investment also had positive results:  in  the  first  7   months of  2019  (calculated  on  July 15, 2019), there were 52 new FDI projects and 27 capital adjusted projects whereby the total new and additional  investment capital attracted was US $ 568.33 million; Valid FDI projects in the city are 664 projects with total investment capital of 17.44 billion US dollars.

Hai Phong held a monthly business meeting to receive and direct timely handling of domestic and foreign enterprises in the city, creating a healthy, convenient, fair business investment environment; coordinate with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the Small and Medium Enterprises Support Program to carry out survey activities, support a number of domesticenterprisesinthefieldof manufacturing , food processing, chemicals, mechanical assembly and furniture to help businesses improve productivity and organization of businesses.

In the  coming  years,  Hai Phong will focus on mobilizing and effectively using resources to fully industrialize and modernize, of  which   social   resources   are an important  driving  force  and the State resources play the directing and guiding role. Will attach importance to planning management, green urban development, civilization, close connection between urbanization and new rural construction; strengthening the protection of natural resources and environment, proactively responding to climate change and sea level rise. Promote the development of infrastructure, especially the modern road transport infrastructure, boost the linkage in the development triangle of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh, the Northeast coastal roads, the economic corridor between Vietnam and China. Build and develop a system of human resource training institutions, especially high- quality human resources, meeting the  requirements   of   stepping up the industrialization and modernization, building a division to become a key development zone of processing industrial parks for the whole country.

The potential and investment opportunities in Hai Phong are huge. Hai Phong continues to adjust and build breakthrough and highly feasible mechanisms and policies in line with the socialist market oriented economy and create an attractive, convenient and highly competitive investment, production and    economic     environment for domestic and international investors. With the attention of the Central Government, promoting the strength of both the political system and the whole society, Hai Phong is striving to build a highly qualified city in the group of leading cities in Asia and the world in the coming year.






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