Thái Bình năng động, phát triển 2019 Breakthroughs in the socio-economic development of Thai Binh

Welcome Chairman, first of all, congratulations to the leaders and people of the province with brilliant achievements in 2018 and can you give us an overview on the main tasks of the province in 2019.

  • 2019 is an important year for evaluating implementation and striving to achieve the objectives of the Five-Year Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP) 2016-2020. In order to achieve the successful implementation of the SEDP social and economic development in the period of 2016-2020, it is necessary to continue to bring into full play its achievements, identify specific advantages and disadvantages, mobilize and effectively utilize all resources to develop planning targets for socio-economic development in 2019.

Based on the estimated results for implementation in 2018 and the plan for socio-economic development in 2016-2020 period, the main targets of the province's 2019 socio-economic development plan are as follows:

* Economic indicators:

  • GDP growth rate is up 10% or more as compared to 2018.
  • The value of agriculture, forestry and fishery to increase by

2.5%; industry - construction to increase by 19% (industry 20%, construction 16.5%); The total import-export turnover is about USD 3,318 million (export is estimated at USD 1,700 million, import is estimated at USD 1,618 million).

  • The total investment capital for development of the whole society to increase by 8.5% as compared to 2018. The total state budget revenue to be VND 13,223.1 billion, of which domestic revenue will be VND 6,312 billion.
  • There are 02 or more districts to meet the national standard for new rural areas; 100% of communes (264 communes) to be recognized as national standards for new rural areas.
  • Social indicators: The birth rate to decline around 0.1 ‰. The rate of trained workers to be at 67%, of which vocational training to reach 52.5%. Create new jobs for about 33,000 people. The rate of poor households to decrease by 0.5% or more as compared to 2018. The rate of schools meeting the national standard is 90.6%; The proportion of families reaching the cultural standard is about 89%. The rate of under-5 year old malnutrition (weight-for-age) is below 13%. The number of beds per ten thousand people reaches 38 beds. The percentage of population participating in health insurance reaches 90%. 
  • Environmental indicators: The rate of rural population using clean water is 100%; Percentage of urban population using tap water reaches 100%. The rate of collection and treatment of solid waste in urban areas is 100%, in rural areas it reaches 89%.

Can you briefly outline the major economic tasks and solutions?

Based on the implementation of the actual socio-economic plan over the years of the province and the objectives and directions set out in the Resolution of the XIX Provincial Party Congress, the term 2015 - 2020. Thai Binh Provincial People's Committee has defined, thoroughly informed and directed departments, branches, districts and towns to focus on implementing economic tasks and solutions; to attach importance to stepping up the restructuring of the economy in association with the renovation of the growth model, to raise the productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness; to encourage business development, to promote economic growth.

For agricultural production and new rural construction: We continue to well implement the scheme of restructuring the agricultural sector, focusing on implementing 5 strategic breakthroughs in association with promoting land accumulation, apply science and technology to production, promote the development of agricultural goods and organic agriculture to meet market demand. To attach importance to attracting and creating favorable conditions for enterprises to invest in agricultural and rural development; at the same time developing new forms of cooperation to create new production relations, forming links in value chains. Continue to focus on stepping up the building of new rural communes, ensuring quality and sustainability, not running after achievements; According to the plan, in 2019, 100% of the communes will reach the new rural target, with 2 or more districts reaching the new rural criteria, so that by 2020, 100% of the districts will reach new rural areas, the city will complete the new rural construction task achieving the target of 5% or more communes meeting the criteria of new rural communes, 1.5% or more of communes to meet the criteria of new rural model communes.

For industrial production, construction, trade and services: Focusing on solving difficulties and obstacles in the production and business of enterprises; building appropriate mechanisms and policies in compensation and ground clearance, ensuring the implementation schedule of investment projects. Continue to improve the quality of administrative reform towards publicity, transparency and simplification of administrative procedures in order to facilitate and reduce costs for people, especially for enterprises. Improving the investment and business environment; promoting investment promotion, attracting domestic and foreign strategic investors; improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the province. To develop trade and services in the direction of high quality, high added value and suitable to the advantages of each locality; synchronously implementing market management measures, anti-smuggling and trade frauds. Attracting and supporting enterprises to develop markets, boosting export of goods to traditional markets and new markets.

Focusing on directing the implementation of tasks in accordance with the Decision No. 36/2017 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on establishing Thai Binh Economic Zone; In the immediate future, it is necessary to speed up the completion of the general planning, subdivision planning and formulate a framework of investment incentive mechanisms in Thai Binh economic zone and then submit it to the Prime Minister for approval before September 2019, attracting investment into coastal areas to create new impetus for the province's socio-economic development.

Strictly directing, ensuring the order and procedures prescribed by law, avoiding waste and loss in capital construction investment; rationally exploiting and use the land fund in each locality to pay off public debtl; strict controling the scale of public investment projects; strengthening measures to select qualified and reputable contractors, overcoming weaknesses in financial capacity, extending construction time; focusing on removing difficulties and obstacles to start and building coastal roads in the first quarter of 2019, completing the procedures, speeding up the progress of implementing investment projects to upgrade provincial roads 221A, 223 and the road from the city to Dong Tu - Hung Ha, La Tien bridge...

These are key projects, with traffic connections along the northern coastal corridor and with neighboring provinces which are important to socio-economic development of Thai Binh province in the coming time.

Thank you, Mr Chairman and on behalf of the Editorial Board and Staff of the Potentials Magazine, we wish you and leaders and people of the province great successes in achieving development targers set for 2019