HO CHI MINH COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION (HCCAA) A forum for commercial arbitration centers in Vietnam

In  that  trend,  the  Commercial Arbitration  Association  of  Ho Chi  Minh  City  (HCCAA)  was born and now one year old. This is a social-professional  organization  of arbitrators and commercial arbitration centers in Ho Chi Minh City to protect the legitimate rights and interests of  members,  maintain  stability, develop  commercial  arbitration  in TP. HCM; build the standard values of arbitrators of good moral character, good professional skills, high sense of responsibility, meet the commercial dispute resolution requirements of the society and request to play the socio-economic development of the city and the country in the period of deep integration. To date, HCCAA has had more than 100 members joining the Association, including arbitrators currently working in commercial arbitration centers in Ho Chi Minh City and associate members who are engaged in arbitration in Hanoi  While focusing on the stabilization of the apparatus, HCCAA has promoted the propaganda and dissemination of the law on commercial arbitration by organizing seminars to share with enterprises the advantages and mechanisms of dispute settlement by commercial arbitration. At the same time, the HCCAA has coordinated with the City Department of Justice and the City Center for International Integration to organize refresher courses for arbitrators and businesses on international economic integration and proposition for the implementation of new free trade agreements; Law on Contracts and Settlement of Disputes by Commercial Arbitration.In order to catch up on the activitied of the arbitration organizations in the area, HCCAA has organized 8 commercial arbitration centers with members joining the Association. Through these centers, they discuss the difficulties and obstacles that arbitration organizations are encountering in the process of implementing the Law on Commercial Arbitration 2010, the mechanism and policies on the implementation of the arbitration rulings in order to take measures for settling disputes and support the arbitration organizations

Promote international cooperation in the field of commercial arbitration

One of the tasks that HCCAA attaches to after its founding is to promote international cooperation in the field of commercial arbitration. In 2018, HCCAA received working visits by many international arbitration organizations as the Law Society of Shandong Province, China; New Zealand Law School delegation; Taiwan Lawyers' Office ... The parties discussed the role of commercial arbitration in the integration period, while focusing on the professional experience related to the field of commercial arbitration. Mr. Reanue Ou, Vice President of the World Arbitration Association on behalf of the World Arbitration Association, has officially invited HCCAA to participate in the World Referee Conference to be held in Beijing in 2020. In 2018, the HCCAA's Foreign Relations and International Relations Committee took part in the 13th Congress of the Association of Asian Lawyers (ASIAN LAW ASSOCIATION) in Singapore on July 25, attended the 2018 Annual Meeting at the invitation of the California Bar Association of San Diego, and discussed joint programs between the Ho Chi Minh City Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Association and the Bar Association of California in the United States between 7 September and 18 September 2018; Through working visits with the bar associations and arbitration centers of countries such as Japan, Malaysia, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines ... HCCAA has studied the lawcases, International trade arbitration as well as discussion on the role of lawyers in international dispute resolution. In addition, the Vietnam Center for Commercial Arbitration of Lawyers (VLCAC) and California Lawyers Association have signed cooperation agreements on exchange of experience, learning and updating of international legal regulations until 2022.

Co-ordinate with the Department of Justice and relevant agencies

On the basis of the project "Capacity Building and Performance of Commercial Arbitration to 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City", July 2018, the City Department of Justice and the City Commercial Arbitration Association signed the Plan No. 655 / KHPH-STP-HCCAA on "Coordinating communication on commercial arbitration and capacity building for the contingent of arbitrators in 2018" with a view to raising awareness of the agency, organization or individuals, including the position of the commercial arbitrators, and the choice of the arbitration method for resolving commercial disputes. At the same time, HCCAA has coordinated with the City Department of Justice, the City People's Court, the City's Department of Civil Judgment Enforcement to sign the "Joint Plan for Enhancing Commercial Arbitration Efficiency in Ho Chi Minh City period 2018-2020 "to improve the information mechanism between the State management agencies and commercial arbitration organizations, thereby strengthening coordination in management and support for activities to promote the efficiency of the operation of commercial arbitration organizations, contributing to the process of judicial reform and international integration.

The first year of the first term ends with encouraging results, and HCCAA continues its efforts to work and plan for the new 2019 tasks. Accordingly, in 2019 HCCAA will hold legal knowledge and skills competitions for its members, in coordination with the People's Court leaders, to report some experience in canceling the arbitration award, and organize one skill class to draft the Arbitration Award; Guide members to abide by laws, regimes and policies of the State and the Charter, regulations and regulations of the Association. The association will also develop and issue codes of conduct for commercial arbitration.HCCAA will collaborate with central agencies, the City Department of Justice, the City Lawyers Association, the City Bar Association, and businesses to organize seminars on issues relating to arbitration in and outside the country; the issues related to the socio-economic development of Ho Chi Minh City, such as land, environment, food safety, social order and safety. At the year-end sum-up meeting of HCCAA's activities, there were many contributions to the Association. Nguyen Thanh Binh (arbitrator of the Center for Commercial Arbitration - TRACENT) said that the association should focus on mainly business objects. Arbitration should be included in the legal contact and assistance programs for businesses to see the benefits when choosing arbitration. At the same time, Le Hoai Trung (arbitrator of the Center of Commercial Arbitration of Vietnam Lawyers - VLCAC) wanted the members of the association to operate effectively to create the strength of the association. Ms. Mai Thi Tuyet Hanh, representative of the City Department of Justice acknowledged the results that HCCAA has made in the past year. According to Hanh, HCCAA also needed to set up many legal programs to improve professional knowledge and expertise on arbitration. Attention should be paid to dissemination of disputes by arbitration for many businesses so that they have more choices when settling disputes outside the court.